Hannah the Bride

What a whirlwind few days it has been! You know you are having a good time when you don't have an photos to show for it! The first 24+ hours of the wedding celebration was non-stop conversation, laid-back reception prep, numerous jokes, conversations with new & old friends and an overwhelming sense of excitement and… Continue reading Hannah the Bride

The First Imprint | 12.23.14

I listen to the rain, pitter-patter. I drink the eggnog. I see the stockings just bought for our very first Christmas. I sit by the lighted tree with those handmade ornaments and all the memories we have already made. Our first dog jumps into the chair with me, to squeeze in beside me. And I… Continue reading The First Imprint | 12.23.14

Cracked Edges | Choosing Joy

Sometimes, I think it has to be big to be hurting. Sometimes, I think it has to be deep to be aching. But many times it's not big or deep. It just is. Sometimes, a difficult trial is just an assortment of "small" pangs. After all, there's nothing especially tragic or heart-rending about the ordinary.… Continue reading Cracked Edges | Choosing Joy