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Our First Home

As many of you know, Ben and I have undertaken the awesome (exhausting) privilege of making a run-down place into our first home. When we walked through the trailer several weeks ago, we saw the possibilities and the potential. Even through all the ugly brown and the signs of age, we knew we could make this little trailer into our comfy first home.

And let me tell ya, there is a difference between pinning like a mad woman on Pinterest and actually doing what you’ve pinned.20150620_162731

But that’s a side note. Anyway…..

We used some new paint, but we picked many of our colors according to the left-over paint that his dad had lying around. We opened some of the paint cans and apologized to our noses! And then we opened some other cans and said, “This will work on such and such wall! What a good color! And it’s free.” Or something along those lines. Continue reading “Our First Home”