The Best Homemaking Advice Ever

It’s a rather bold statement, isn’t it?! The best? C’mon, really? Well alright, you might walk away thinking of it as good advice or ok advice, but to me it’s some of the BEST advice I’ve ever received.

Let it be known that this homemaking advice isn’t just for wives or moms. This is for anyone who lives anywhere. This is for the dorm, the apartment, the locker, the house….you name it! This is advice beneficial to all of us. Are you ready?

Here goes:

Do tonight what will make your tomorrow morning better. 

I heard this advice while I was at work and just months before I got married. It wasn’t a bridal shower, it wasn’t well-meaning advice given to the wife-to-be….it was just  casually thrown out there. Do tonight what will make your tomorrow morning better. And it’s so easy, guys.

Keeping a home isn’t rocket science. There isn’t just one right way to do it. Sure, you can read all sorts of blogs, books of advice, and scour Pinterest for tips…but at the end of the day it’s the place you live and you have to choose what helps make it homey, inviting, and safe.  Continue reading “The Best Homemaking Advice Ever”


Home Sweet (Tiny) Home


I have been wanting to do this for quite awhile, especially since Ben and I will be moving soon. There’s nothing quite like the first home. I couldn’t ask for a better one!

Folks, it has its quirks. Let me tell you! You can’t run too many things at once, if you shut the door too hard, some of the electricity goes out, and not all the kitchen cabinets close all the way.

So, our first home is certainly not without its faults! But it’s been fun to make it ours, to live in it, make memories, and strategically use the small spaces that we have.

Today I’m going to share the living room/kitchen improvements, and then later, I will share how we crammed everything into the smallest master bedroom (can’t even be called that!) ever.

Let’s start with the living room! Since last time I blogged this, we’ve added the TV stand, installed an aquarium, put the lights back in the ceiling, added a decorative pillow, hung more pictures, set up the radio more attractively, added decor, and removed our coffee table.


 I enjoy the extra decor surrounding our radio! Those two signs sitting on the radio stand were made by my Dad and are good reminders of truth and of him!


We received our wedding photos in September, and it wasn’t until December that I got a handful of them printed to give to family & hang in our home! Procrastinate much?  Continue reading “Home Sweet (Tiny) Home”


The First Imprint | 12.23.14

I listen to the rain, pitter-patter. I drink the eggnog. I see the stockings just bought for our very first Christmas. I sit by the lighted tree with those handmade ornaments and all the memories we have already made. Our first dog jumps into the chair with me, to squeeze in beside me.

And I think of moments long-gone. “Oh, it’s only a year ago,” I think to myself. But a year ago? That is long-gone. I can never get it back. I can never live it again. That’s what makes time sweet. That’s what makes it painful.


Before you proposed, you asked me where I wanted it to happen. And when I was a girl, I had dreamed of it taking place in the wide expanse of the desert. But the older I got,  and the more I knew you—the sooner my mind changed.

I didn’t want to make more memories at a home where I grew up. I wanted to make a permanent memory somewhere that you loved, somewhere that meant something to you. I wanted to go to your favorite place, a childhood adventure, a spot where I could make an imprint that would start our history together. Continue reading “The First Imprint | 12.23.14”

Short Stories

My House, Your Heart

I wrote this while dating Ben who is now my husband. This is our current house, but we have done so much home-building since I wrote this story.


My house is not beautiful. In fact, it isn’t even pretty. It’s small, but carries so much inside of it. It seems as though many houses on this block are that way. Very small, but stuffed full of many things. A lot of windows are barred, the doors are locked, the lawns are needing care.

My house is near the end of the block, people come and go.  I am open enough to have people come by, but not open enough to let them come inside and stay. Besides, they usually felt like leaving after seeing the outside of my house.

It wasn’t sad to me that people left often, because I wasn’t lonely. I neither had a best friend ,nor an enemy. I was just living. This was my house, broken in some rooms, packed full of memories in others. Dreams and hopes hanging on the walls. Love stored in every room, some full, some empty. I had my closet of fear in the back, my hallway of failures, of course. But I was happy. I didn’t mind taking care of my house alone, but I don’t think I realized how much I was missing.

When you are alone, you don’t always notice the cobwebs in the tiniest corner, the dirt hiding underneath the table, the windows that need some washing. You get used to your house, you don’t see those things. I guess that’s how I became. Used to my house.  Continue reading “My House, Your Heart”