The Celebrating Soul

There’s More for You than Yourself

You are not what you can produce, perform, or portray. Maybe the insecurity and insignificance you feel right now is the best thing in your life. Why? Because it can push you to the best Place–the most satisfying Person of Jesus Christ.

But we live in a world that says you are the answer to your own problems.

Exhaustion weighs heavy even while we pride ourselves in being enough. We scream our anthems of being unique yet shrivel up inside . . .unsure if that’s actually true. We scream louder. Outer shells telling the story we wish we felt inside.


Let your outer shell break. Continue reading “There’s More for You than Yourself”


The Chronic Thriver’s Guide to Ambitious Living

One of the most profound things my massage therapist ever said to me went something like this: “Do you want to heal?” That’s a legitimate question. Did I want to heal? Did I believe healing to be possible?

And here’s the thing–

Chronic pain can easily feel like it’s an integral part of who you are. Your person-hood feels entwined by pain–governed by it even. It’s who you are. Or so you believe.

In the last four years, I’ve begun to see healing in the way God has radically changed my heart and mind toward pain, people, and life. But I’ve also known physical healing in the sense that I’ve chosen not to be ruled by my pain or go stagnant about my health.

Pain of any kind is a place I stand, but not a person I can ever become.

Furthermore, chronic pain will never be my destination in life. Ever! Instead, I see pain as a place of movement. Continue reading “The Chronic Thriver’s Guide to Ambitious Living”


One Simple Tip for a Strong Marriage

In my first year of marriage, I’d get angry at Ben and be in huffy puffy clouds of silent smoke. I’d set up a little pity party, only invite myself, and sit there WAITING SILENTLY for my husband to GUESS his next right move. The moves better be right, you know! I bet you any spouse has done this. It’s an old trick in the book…that never works, of course.

It didn’t take long for me to realize that my husband couldn’t succeed because I’d purposefully blocked all roads to success. I gave him no help. I wanted him to fail. His failure made my pity party so much better. His failure further validated my hurt. His failure meant I had control. Oh, I’d never be pity partying for too long, but that’s a disgusting place to live nevertheless. Continue reading “One Simple Tip for a Strong Marriage”

Life & Learning

Living a Full Life with a Half Heart

Dear, dear friend,

You are close to my heart , although I may not know you and perhaps never will. I am sure we have walked in the same shoes, waited in the same seasons, endured the same pain, danced in the same joy, and relished in the same great gift of good times.

It’s easy, I know, to get caught up in life, in all the little things that will make it better. It’s easy to say I’ll be just the happiest when I have thisIt’s a trap, my dear. Because we have the chance to be in the happiest season right now.

Nothing about your life has to change, it’s that volatile heart…that wayward organ that lurches to & fro that needs changing. Your life is 100% full as is, you heart I’m afraid is beating at 50%. What about this, you say. And what about this, you think. Oh I know, my dear…for I have thought the same things and felt the same feelings.

And then I fall into the Psalms and it says, “I will praise God, as long as I have being.” Having life is reason enough to fall into joy and utter praise. Life is enough. And everything in it, every possible piece there or “missing” is exactly what I need to pull me nearer to God. I am finding that the mountaintops are more than I deserve, and the valleys are not places of despair, but places to hope in God.

Even so— Continue reading “Living a Full Life with a Half Heart”