Blackberries & Imperfect Life

It takes a handful of adult holidays for 18-24 year olds to realize that life isn’t perfect and it just doesn’t “feel” like it used to. But I have learned (and am learning) that life is bigger than my expectations. Choosing to initiate the good times and grab hold of celebrations is a lost art, since so many young adults expect every party to be planned for them, and every good time dropped in their laps.

So, I’m here to tell you that LIFE IS NOT PERFECT, and it never will be. Absolutely never. I’m also here to say that it has the potential to be SO FUN.  

BUT you actually have to do something.

Let’s rewind to the 4th of July. I had no grand plans and no fun craft or party planned for the kiddos in Kiddie Korner (I really dropped the ball on that one!). But that morning, I hopped onto Pinterest and found a 4th of July craft that could be done with the supplies on hand.  Read more

4 Fun Secrets to a Happy Marriage

Yes, yes I know I’m young. But if I waited around for the time I become a wise sage-like woman, then I would never write anything….at all. So, we are just going to ignore the fact that I’ve only been married for 1 year and about 11 months.

Are you ignoring yet?


Let’s get started.


 REalize that the timetable for your life is also the best time of your life

Some of the best fun you’ll have is when you forget about where everyone else is at in life, and you just LIVE with each other on the timetable for your marriage. You enjoy yourself when you decide to live your own life, instead of trying to fit into the lives of everyone else. Read more

5 Ways to Better Enjoy Social Media

Raise your hand if you’ve been told on social media to go outside. Raise your hand if you’ve been told (on social media no less!) to  put down your phone and make real-life conversations.


Who else is getting tired of this recycled advice? Because we get it! We hear you. We agree. We’re working on it. But hey, what about the things we can do to actively improve our interactions on social media? Shouldn’t we talk about those too?

I should say so!

I came up with 5 simple things. There’s more, I’m sure. And I’d love to hear your tips in the comments, but for now 5 things that just might make your social media experience better!
Read more

The Best Homemaking Advice Ever

It’s a rather bold statement, isn’t it?! The best? C’mon, really? Well alright, you might walk away thinking of it as good advice or ok advice, but to me it’s some of the BEST advice I’ve ever received.

Let it be known that this homemaking advice isn’t just for wives or moms. This is for anyone who lives anywhere. This is for the dorm, the apartment, the locker, the house….you name it! This is advice beneficial to all of us. Are you ready?

Here goes:

Do tonight what will make your tomorrow morning better. 

I heard this advice while I was at work and just months before I got married. It wasn’t a bridal shower, it wasn’t well-meaning advice given to the wife-to-be….it was just  casually thrown out there. Do tonight what will make your tomorrow morning better. And it’s so easy, guys.

Keeping a home isn’t rocket science. There isn’t just one right way to do it. Sure, you can read all sorts of blogs, books of advice, and scour Pinterest for tips…but at the end of the day it’s the place you live and you have to choose what helps make it homey, inviting, and safe.  Read more