The Dead Tree & Other Recollections of Life

It's hard to describe the crash, really. It didn't sound like splitting into a fall. It just sounded like a huge thing loudly falling into itself and onto the ground simultaneously. I'm standing in what used to be the goat pen while my son plays on its hillside. The goats have been sheltered on the… Continue reading The Dead Tree & Other Recollections of Life

How Thoroughly God Gives Life!

In 2020, while a child grew in me, I returned to the thing I had loved to do as a child. Writing poetry. And I wrote the years down. Infertility. My silent screaming. God's history of love to me. My grief. The garden. The starkness of the bathroom floor. The healing. The escape from the… Continue reading How Thoroughly God Gives Life!

May It Be So With Us!

Garden Lullaby, November 26, 2019 So many reasons to love a garden. It's always surprising me in its boldness to bloom at the most unlikely moments. These two geraniums have popped into colorful life on a day planned for tidbits of snow and cold rain. This small flowering plant has not bloomed since perhaps the… Continue reading May It Be So With Us!

Even the Brightest Flower

what happens when you get thrown into nothing? spread out arms wide to no one? people move on, but not you. . . expanse of heartache, a cliff for a timeline, free fall of lost things, you by a thread. so, walk to the edge! but go down softly with hope, without breaking your bones.… Continue reading Even the Brightest Flower