The Colors of Hope

Experiencing and expressing pain is always vulnerable, but you know what? Experiencing and expressing joy is vulnerable too. I’m so glad God is with us for both. Could it be we feel overwhelmed and filled with unrest because we are afraid to rejoice? I’m glad we don’t have to feel brave to bravely open our hearts to the joy, hope, and healing of God.

We can open up.


Announcing July’s Poetry Theme!

July’s poetry theme is R E S E T! There was a wide range of topics that spoke to you, so how do I combine restoration, rejoicing, and renewal with sunflowers and feeling shy when growing up? I actually don’t think it’s as hard as it first seems. I’ll be writing through the lens of flowers and personalities + lacing things together with truth.

I believe this month is going to be artistic and beautiful in a special sort of way.

We will put words to our dreams, fears, goals, hopes & work through the insecurities of growth as we ultimately choose to stay brave and continue resetting, getting back up, and beginning again.





I wrote this poem specifically from a memory my husband and I share together. For better or worse. For richer or poorer. In sickness and in health. ❤

But what I love about poetry is that while so many of us relate to the same poem, we interpret it in many different ways. Perhaps, it’s moving together through loss. Or refusing to be held back by expectations or perceptions.Or changing life direction. Maybe, it’s taking on a big adventure together or getting past a terrifying life obstacle or illness.

This poem can cover so many memories. I hope it does so for you.


Our Hearts & Lives

There’s not a moment on this green earth when we will get to a point of “arrival.” And still, life with God means we’ll never be stagnant even when things feel broken and hidden. . . and all feels like an endless middle.

I think of our hearts and our lives much like this,