May It Be So With Us!

Garden Lullaby, November 26, 2019

So many reasons to love a garden. It’s always surprising me in its boldness to bloom at the most unlikely moments.

These two geraniums have popped into colorful life on a day planned for tidbits of snow and cold rain. This small flowering plant has not bloomed since perhaps the first of spring. YET HERE WE ARE. Two days from Thanksgiving, on a very cold day, spring long past, plants going to sleep…and yet…

AND YET! This!

God shows me such love + treasure through this garden. I am reminded of His beautiful ways. Last night, I read Psalm 65-66. Psalm 66:5 says it all so well…”COME AND SEE what God has done: He is awesome in His deeds toward the children of man.”

What beautiful timing this is. What gorgeous, fragile, strong blooms. What a delightful gift from God. What a surprise! How Thanksgiving wells and spills from my soul to the Creator of long silent geraniums finally blooming in November.

May it be so with us!

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