When It Doesn’t Feel Safe

Garden Lullaby, December 17, 2019

It’s so easy to subconsciously believe God is a thief. I find myself holding His good gifts with my eyes closed. Like WHEN ARE YOU GONNA TAKE THIS FROM ME, God?! But what I’ve BEGUN learning this year (from a goat no less!) is that when God gives me a gift that’s part of our love story forever.

The extraordinarily detailed gift of this little Roxy-girl will ALWAYS be in my history. No matter what happens in the future (a bad sickness, an accident, or her death), she will STILL always be a good gift I received from God. That’s a fact.

So how many good gifts are we too afraid to name? To acknowledge? To hold?  Are we closing our eyes with shaky hands afraid to receive? To rejoice?

Oh, how I am learning it is always safe to receive from God, and I can rejoice even when it doesn’t feel safe to do so.

about this Garden Lullaby series

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