Home Sweet (Tiny) Home


I have been wanting to do this for quite awhile, especially since Ben and I will be moving soon. There’s nothing quite like the first home. I couldn’t ask for a better one!

Folks, it has its quirks. Let me tell you! You can’t run too many things at once, if you shut the door too hard, some of the electricity goes out, and not all the kitchen cabinets close all the way.

So, our first home is certainly not without its faults! But it’s been fun to make it ours, to live in it, make memories, and strategically use the small spaces that we have.

Today I’m going to share the living room/kitchen improvements, and then later, I will share how we crammed everything into the smallest master bedroom (can’t even be called that!) ever.

Let’s start with the living room! Since last time I blogged this, we’ve added the TV stand, installed an aquarium, put the lights back in the ceiling, added a decorative pillow, hung more pictures, set up the radio more attractively, added decor, and removed our coffee table.


 I enjoy the extra decor surrounding our radio! Those two signs sitting on the radio stand were made by my Dad and are good reminders of truth and of him!


We received our wedding photos in September, and it wasn’t until December that I got a handful of them printed to give to family & hang in our home! Procrastinate much? 


My husband made the stand that the TV & aquarium sits on with scrap wood he found lying around. I asked if he could build me a shelf for the kitchen, and I ended up with something much better! 🙂 After seeing how long/big our furniture was, we took out the coffee table to give more space and more appeal!



Now on to the kitchen! Outwardly, not much has changed in our kitchen. Although, when the holidays were over & my husband and I were done traveling, I attacked the kitchen with vigor. It is very organized now! Thanks to Pinterest for ideas & just plain thinking skills. 🙂


I changed the coffee/tea corner. It was becoming cluttered, so I did some simple reorganization.


Our fridge is also full of photos! While going through organizing tips, I read that a refrigerator shouldn’t have photos/notes all over it, because it looks tacky & cluttered. Well, I just couldn’t forgo plastering my fridge with photos and notes! Too many friends & family to enjoy seeing everyday without having to travel to see them. 🙂


I also added this shallow box you see in the right hand corner. It’s what we see right when we walk in the door, so the mail goes on top of that blue box, the mail keys are next to it, we keep our receipts and other miscellaneous things we might need in the rusty, blue treasure box that you see sitting inside.


I also changed the centerpiece on our little table, and for now, I’m happy with it!


And if you were sitting at our kitchen table, it might look a whole lot like this. 😉 Would you like tea or coffee?


It may not seem like much to you, but trust me, it is a whole lot! I’m so thankful for a husband that can turn a lot of junk into a lot of treasure! He makes beautiful things out of scraps!

I’ve enjoyed this little home, and while I look forward to moving in the spring…I’m going to miss our first, tiny place. So I’m enjoying every last bit of it and storing this place in a corner of my heart that may just be a little bigger than our home.


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And don’t forget that I’m sharing our tiny bedroom soon, so keep those eyeballs peeled!

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