Tiniest Bedroom You Ever Did See!

This post has been a long time in coming! Ben and I have done a lot of work on our little home, but our bedroom has been a slow project. To be honest, we still have 2 walls that need a lot of work, but since we are moving this May, we will see if it even gets done!

I’m happy with where we are at now, and it’s so comfy,cozy & tiny. I promise it won’t take much time. 🙂 And just accept that the photos won’t be Pinterest perfect! They were taken on an average camera, in a tiny box room, with blah lighting. 🙂 HERE GOES!

This little table will greet you as you walk in the room. We placed it in the tiny corner, adding a little more depth to the little box we call our bedroom. Shhhh...I know things need a good dusting. Be a polite guest & don’t mention it. 🙂


And that is our closet to your left. We fit almost everything we need right in there. Let’s be real, folks, it’s a tight squeeze. But we manage!


Yes, I’m 21. And yes, that is a Lisa Frank pencil case in the basket by our my bed. What?! It’s lasted since elementary! Anyway, above that, we have our little picture collection + the sign my brother bought for me the Christmas we got engaged! He picks out really good gifts.


Now just turn around. There you go!  And this is the view from there. I really like all our little shelves and tables.


The 3 books on my nightstand are Beauty by Robin McKinely, My Utmost for His Highest by Oswald Chambers, and Whiter than Snow by Paul David Tripp.

Ben made the shelf that hangs below the mirror and above our bed. He constructed it out of an old fence post & we have learned to hang mirrors in our small rooms, because it makes it all look so much more open. However, it doesn’t help when you are trying to take photos!


I spotted this ship at a thrift store, and Ben immediately snatched it up, because it was a steal! I hesitated at first, but I am glad we purchased it! Sorry about the glaring light!Bedroom4

We love musty classic books, world maps and old letters with 10 cent stamps!


I was making the bed this morning and realized that we have like 100 pillows! HA. 🙂


And then if you leave the room and turn around, you can take in the whole hallway….uhh, I mean bedroom, with one single glance! But I enjoy it’s tininess. I look forward to a larger room when we move in May. You know, the kind of large room where you can walk on both sides of the bed! 🙂 hehehee, but I’m quite content with our little space.


The portrait of Ben and me was done by a friend of ours and given as a gift! The painting hanging above our bed was found at a thrift store for very cheap, and we couldn’t leave without it! As you can tell, those two walls need a lot of work, but we will see what actually gets done before we move.

Thanks for walking through! I told you it wouldn’t take long!!


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