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As Sir White Beard and the Gang gently steer the plane to rest on the back porch of the stuffy house, there is complete and utter silence. It has been almost 30 years since Sir White Beard has seen Lady Grey. He is unsure of the condition of her heart, he knows that his own is nigh to breaking.


The investigators hear Deanna proclaim how strangely wonderful it is to be back on this porch she detested just weeks ago. Lynn grabs tight onto Grant, her excitement to see Lady Grey is exploding from her as Lilly whispers “Lynn just wait, Sir White Beard and Lady Grey need to speak first.”

Everyone holds their breath has Sir White Beard climbs from the plane, the Gang following his lead. They stand straighter than ever before as they await the confrontation. It seems like forever passes before Sir White Beard and Lady Grey are standing close together.


And then the Investigators, the Gang, and Mr. Peacock all wait for Sir White Beard to say the first thing, to explain, to apologize, to something! But before he can say anything, Lady Grey cries out, Continue reading “FINAL EDITION: Reunited”


Tiniest Bedroom You Ever Did See!

This post has been a long time in coming! Ben and I have done a lot of work on our little home, but our bedroom has been a slow project. To be honest, we still have 2 walls that need a lot of work, but since we are moving this May, we will see if it even gets done!

I’m happy with where we are at now, and it’s so comfy,cozy & tiny. I promise it won’t take much time. 🙂 And just accept that the photos won’t be Pinterest perfect! They were taken on an average camera, in a tiny box room, with blah lighting. 🙂 HERE GOES!

This little table will greet you as you walk in the room. We placed it in the tiny corner, adding a little more depth to the little box we call our bedroom. Shhhh...I know things need a good dusting. Be a polite guest & don’t mention it. 🙂


And that is our closet to your left. We fit almost everything we need right in there. Let’s be real, folks, it’s a tight squeeze. But we manage!


Yes, I’m 21. And yes, that is a Lisa Frank pencil case in the basket by our my bed. What?! It’s lasted since elementary! Anyway, above that, we have our little picture collection + the sign my brother bought for me the Christmas we got engaged! He picks out really good gifts. Continue reading “Tiniest Bedroom You Ever Did See!”

The Sierra Price Times

EDITION 7: The History of Sir White Beard

As the investigators follow behind the Gang and Sir White Beard, they sit in the conference room of the aircraft. Last night proved to be very long with research of Sir White Beard. And these are the conclusions that The Sierra Price Times investigators have reached.


Many years ago, long before any members of the Gang were present, Lady Grey and Sir White Beard took their residence in the stuffy house on the mountain. They were played with and pulled and slobbered on. Like the Gang, Sir White Beard could not handle it any more.

Ed75 Continue reading “EDITION 7: The History of Sir White Beard”