Digging My Grave with a Home Depot Shovel

It was one of those conversations. You know, the kind where you just talk in circles and try to explain your reasons while insulting each other in the process. Go ahead,  it’s ok to smile or laugh…I mean we’ve all had them. No marriage is perfect. 

That tinge of misunderstanding is coloring your tone, and it’s just a no-win situation…at least for a little while. And such was the case for the loving husband and the happy wife (aka me & Ben). It was a frustrating conversation about Home Depot (and life, for that matter) and the things we needed to purchase for our home.  By the way, his suggested purchases weren’t  unreasonable, but I’m a tight wad and don’t spend money when I should. 

I am happy to report that this photo was taken about a week and a half after the initial Home Depot fiasco! This is me doing grocery shopping and Home Depot errands without throwing an adult fit!

We had already had a busy day at work whilst also being hit with lots of different things. I mean, it’s life. That’s what happens. Needless to say, there was a lot going on for the both of us. After getting home, I suggested going into town to get a few things we needed. It would also serve as a nice breather from the tension we were feeling, but then he suggested going in to Home Depot while we were at it. He wanted to conquer more in less time. 

BUT I DIDN’T WANT TO SPEND MONEY OR SPEND LONGER IN TOWN! Enter in the frustrating misunderstandings, going in circle conversations, not-so loving words, but then a lot of loving words…etc & so forth. 

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