And Me Too

Children say the most delightful things. And they remind us of what is good and going well. They teach us how to laugh at the smallest things and how to approach life ready to enjoy it.

I wonder what it would be like if the kids ran 2020?! Maybe chaotic, but certainly fun!

The Sierra Price Times

The Great Escape



Once upon a time…..I personally despise when stories start like this, but since this is a newspaper, I have to start it off the way they want me to. So—

Once upon a time, there lived many little People. They lived in a house on a mountain. They weren’t quite sure what the name of the house was, because they were far too small to read any signs, and their mouths were so tiny that they could barely even talk. In fact, their expressions were FROZEN onto their faces forever. So, they have to communicate in strange ways.

These little People were very tired of this house on a mountain. They wanted to find adventure. They had only ever heard of the word Adventure. They weren’t quite sure what it was, so they wanted to find out for themselves. Continue reading “The Great Escape”