Summer on the Blog

Yesterday was the first time since May 14, 2021 that I posted a poem on my instagram feed and on the blog. And I am proud of myself! As we head into a summer of poetry (and my podcast where I’ll share BTS of my poems), I’m hoping to infuse humor, lightheartedness, and a real sense of freedom to enjoy what is working well in our lives.

Of course, I don’t believe in ignoring pain and you’ve read enough of my poetry to know that(!!), but I’m also exhuasted by the doomsday approach oversaturated in poetry. Maybe you are, too? I don’t know, but I think we need to laugh a little more. Notice the good things right in front of us. Let the happy things be happy. Be silly.

So, here’s to a summer of honing my craft, reminding you of the lighter stuff, making you smile and laugh, and giveing words to the good(!!) stories you’re living. I hope you fall in love with this humorous + lighter aproach to poetry.

I post the first of the summer poems on my blog tomorrow, but (inside scoop), I already posted it on my instagram, @sierravfpoetry!

Here’s to fun!



And Me Too

Children say the most delightful things. And they remind us of what is good and going well. They teach us how to laugh at the smallest things and how to approach life ready to enjoy it.

I wonder what it would be like if the kids ran 2020?! Maybe chaotic, but certainly fun!

The Celebrating Soul

Telling My Son’s Birth Story

On August 2nd, I gave birth to our son, Shasta. The entire experience was so beautiful and filled with healing. My body–with a decade of pain, grief, and struggling–was invited into something wonderful and breathtaking. This body–the one I’ve wrestled with and grieved for–became a vessel for giving birth to a living, breathing soul. Giving birth is far less about my strength and stamina as a woman, and more about receiving the otherworldly, stunning gift of childbirth. I can’t believe it’s part of my story.

But there it was.

And here I am.

While I write this our little boy is intermittently making all sorts of sounds from the bedroom. He’s so much fun. Giving birth was profound and beautiful and healing, but I think most of this post will be peppered with humor. And I love that too. This photo was taken August 1st while I was in early labor. It would take many more hours for my son to make his grand appearance. And yes, bathroom selfies are the least classy of all millennial photographic skills, but here we are. 🙂

So, let’s rewind.

To be frank, I didn’t think I’d go into labor on my own. It seems as though so many years of chronic pain has oft given me the underlying feeling of “failure” and a sense of just not trusting my body to “work.” Of course, I don’t consciously live under that assumption (I’ve gained a lot of freedom + confidence over the years!), but when push comes to shove and the hormones rage ( 🙂 ), and your body is actually preparing itself for childbirth, some of those underlying things you STILL need to work through explode to the surface and you MIGHT just end up crying profusely in the car on the way to the grocery store. It could happen. It’s a strong possibility. 🙂 HA! Continue reading “Telling My Son’s Birth Story”