At Least

We wouldn’t choose half the things we experience in life. But the bright side is being side-by-side. And so when all the better and best things come around (which they do, and we often don’t control those either!), we’re still in the promise. Here’s a poem for the married folks. You live the bright side every day you get to be side-by-side.

Life at the Blue House

Baby Betsy ( & my 2020 motto)

Taking a quick break from our poetry posts so you can meet the newest baby at the blue house. Her name is Betsy and she isn’t just the life of the party, SHE IS THE PARTY.

I may have a new motto for 2020: “Be a Betsy in a Karen world.” Not sure I should put that on the blog though, because the true, kind, genuine women of the world are probably so tired of their name being a meme! So just be a Betsy. Enjoy your life.

And yes, she does have a sister whom we called Daisy. And Daisy just wants to be a big kid. . .like really, really wants to be a big kid! 🙂 I love these baby goats and hope these photos bring a smile to your face. We’ll get back to our regular poetry programming, but I just had to share the happiness of Betsy with you.

I mean. . .doesn’t she just inspire you to jump into your life and LIVE IT?! If only we could get that same baby goat energy. 😉 One can always dream! Oh Betsy, you make life better! 🙂 ❤