Your Most Important Work Happens Today

Today, you woke up. And maybe it’s an ordinary day, but it’s also the only day you’re living in. You don’t get to live in yesterday, and you don’t get to live in tomorrow.

And here’s the thing,

The most important work you can possibly do is already in front of you today. You can’t work in the past and you can’t work in the future. Everything in your life today is your most important work.

And let me tell you why.

By God’s grace + strength, it’s the only work you’re able to accomplish right now!

God desires you to live out today (however it looks!) in Him, for Him, and with Him.  Your important life work sits here in the hour before you. You just have to step into it. And yes, you can boldly embrace the work in front of you because that is what God has for you today.

Let’s put it simply– Read more

When God Says Remember

Sierra, do you remember when you were four and I forgave you of your sins and saved you from life without Me?

What life you’ve known since then!

Sierra, do you remember when you were older and you’d lie awake at night, overcome and overwhelmed with doubt like you’d never known? Remember how you learned to be filled with gratitude instead of crippling doubt?

I rescued you.

Sierra, do you remember when you were 15 and you were scared of the pain and terrified that you’d die before you made it to adulthood? Remember how you shelved your dreams and you refused to do anything but sink? Remember how I showed you that life wasn’t over, that you had life now, that I gave you life today?

I helped you live.

Sierra, do you remember how tormented your mind became? Remember how you drowned in the dark and lived a kind of insanity, because the lies were all so real? Remember how my truth set you free? And set you free again and again and again! And today, you don’t live in depression or any deep kind of fear…

because of Me. Read more

You’re Standing in Life

Are you ready for a crazy thought that darted through my evening last week? It took half a second to think, and the better part of two hours to explain. I’m still not sure it’s ready to share, but here goes anyway.

You ready?

Maybe this is actually life.

Not a season, or a stage, or a waiting game, or a not yet, or a someday. Maybe you are standing right in the big, vibrant, living middle. Your life isn’t waiting to start, because it never once stopped. Maybe this place is actually just life.


But maybe? You and I strap it down with exhausting mentalities which always seem to say, right here is not enough and you’re not living yet. And if there’s anything you and I know really well, it’s that a not quite-living-person doesn’t enjoy much of anything…so, we lose out on everything. Read more

This Is Not a Dead-End

Here’s a thought:

Your unmet expectations don’t determine the worth of your story.

Your good, but unfulfilled desires and dreams don’t determine the success of your life.

The ideas others have of how your life SHOULD be turning out have no authority or ability to stop God’s good plan + purpose for how your life will turn out.


You are not living a dead-end story, because our God is not a God of dead-ends. He is a God of making old things new, of making new things rich, of making all things joy.

God didn’t create you so He could forget you.

God didn’t create you so He could hurt you.

God didn’t create you so He could waste you.

God created you out of His own desire and delight (Psalm 139). And God is for your right now (Romans 8:24-39). He will never stop being for you even when you’re pretty certain that this time He has (definitely, for sure) written a dead-end story for your life.

Well, He hasn’t. Read more