My 27th Year – Joy & Growing Pains

It was a year for growing pains. For getting the wind knocked right out of me. It was our best garden season ever. It was giving birth and the story of it being filled with God's presence, power, and wonderfully woven work. It was Heidi growing with the flowers. And me too. It was feeling… Continue reading My 27th Year – Joy & Growing Pains

BIG. . .That Was 26

Perhaps my 26th year was the ugly part of a butterfly escaping its cocoon. It was beautiful. I had wings. But it was a glorious mess in constant movement. photo credit: Hannah A.R. Stories So many huge things happened this year. Experiencing the fullness of my son's first year. Planning his 1st birthday party. Putting… Continue reading BIG. . .That Was 26

Dear 20

You came in a rush, chasing any sort of gloominess away. With the promise of marriage to Ben and a beautiful ring on my finger, you welcomed me with love. And the hectic sort of happiness that comes with being engaged. There were plans to be made and people to ask, things to organize, and… Continue reading Dear 20