To Moms Who Miss Their Art

I like the title of this poem because Her Art really just looks like HEr ART. And isn’t the heart the essence of art? Done with love from a place of love? Whoever you are, you’re still making art. And we need you. Thank you.

When Society Cries

Social media warfare can be overwhelming. At times, it can even sound stupid. The news seems like a bunch of twisted, devastating facts. Politics don’t just divide us, they destroy us. We are bent over, reeling, shouting, arguing, outraged. . .crying.

This is what our society sounds like to me.

Celebrating 20 Weeks

This poem is inspired by + dedicated to our summer baby. It’s been 20 weeks of learning how to let my heart hold a gift of this magnitude. Just as God gives us the comfort + hope to endure our pain, He also gives us the courage + confidence to truly, fully rejoice!

But this poem is also for anyone holding their best dream at arm’s length. Sometimes the most daring thing we can do is write our dreams in parenthesis. God sees you and all your tiny scribbles.

It’s safe to write it down.


It’s an understood trajectory. High school. College. Marriage. Babies. Society’s idea of success. If you’re feeling stuck in life it’s probably because you’ve bought into the lie you need to do or become this, that, and the other for good things, for a full life.

But God is so much more creative than our cutouts, and we weren’t meant to thrive in our own expectations or in the expectations others have for us. God doesn’t need our boxes to make something beautiful, big, and full of His glory.