How Thoroughly God Gives Life!

In 2020, while a child grew in me, I returned to the thing I had loved to do as a child. Writing poetry. And I wrote the years down. Infertility. My silent screaming. God's history of love to me. My grief. The garden. The starkness of the bathroom floor. The healing. The escape from the… Continue reading How Thoroughly God Gives Life!

Even the Brightest Flower

what happens when you get thrown into nothing? spread out arms wide to no one? people move on, but not you. . . expanse of heartache, a cliff for a timeline, free fall of lost things, you by a thread. so, walk to the edge! but go down softly with hope, without breaking your bones.… Continue reading Even the Brightest Flower

For Young Mothers

people say so many things. . .like you're in a game you cannot win,like your life has all but ended.but maybe motherhood is a mosaic,a hard wrought, stained glass windowwhere tears and laughter collide,where wounds reopen in the workingand glisten if light filters through. I am cut, reshaped, pieced back. . .and I feel like… Continue reading For Young Mothers

Bright Yellow Boots

if you'd stayed littlelike all mothers sometimeshope, then I wouldn't smileso brightly nowwatching you toddlein your bright yellowboots. and one daystanding in the kitchen,I'll be having a conversationwith a man,and I'll wonder how it happened.I'll think back forjust a secondto once upon a timewhen you fit perfect in myyoung arms. but you'll say, "Mom,"and I'll… Continue reading Bright Yellow Boots