Okay, Girl with Good Bones

Poem 4

Below is the poem in the image and as plain text.

hearing the heart beat again
sounds like what does not
make noise,

being in the same place
but sitting up.
picking flowers
only in arm’s reach.
letting sky be gray,
and drops of rain and tears
stay on my skin.

the erratic thud, thud
falls between good and grief.
light pokes through
old wounds and thin skin

a fresh healing heart
feels harsh against
bones that never broke.

okay but not okay.

Just one more day until you can download and read the entire story!


Steal Me Back

Girl with Good Bones goes live October 8th! Over the next week, I’ll be sharing the first 5 poems to give you a taste for the full story coming.
The first of 20 poems is entitled Steal Me Back. Here we find the woman turn to a skeleton after personal, chaotic, life-altering grief. Healing is not fast. Though light is always present.