Surprise – I wrote another book!

You read that right! I wrote another book—Swan Song of a Scarecrow. It's all about my recent years of pregnancy, birth, and early motherhood where I have been deeply learning to fully embrace God’s good gifts while running headlong into happiness whenever it is present in my life. So let's talk about everything! Or a… Continue reading Surprise – I wrote another book!

A Frenzy of Garden & Pancake Pie (life these days)

The garden feels about to burst. And as I hold my 1-year-old daughter and walk on the raised stones to our home sweet home I hope I always remember the sweet feeling of— Green Fables this week🌼💓 Ben coming home, the days getting longer, surprise coffee waiting in the fridge, floral postage stamps, and all… Continue reading A Frenzy of Garden & Pancake Pie (life these days)

Bright Yellow Boots

if you'd stayed littlelike all mothers sometimeshope, then I wouldn't smileso brightly nowwatching you toddlein your bright yellowboots. and one daystanding in the kitchen,I'll be having a conversationwith a man,and I'll wonder how it happened.I'll think back forjust a secondto once upon a timewhen you fit perfect in myyoung arms. but you'll say, "Mom,"and I'll… Continue reading Bright Yellow Boots