Season’s Greeting

the fifth poem in our fall collection, Ourselves and the Leaves.

Things we can’t ignore. . .

The current state of us and the reality of our world and how it all coincides. You’ve got to acknowledge what you’re sad about, what you hoped would happen, but didn’t & what you wish could be, but isn’t.

Sadness is a good place to start. It’s the place we have to start if we’re going to genuinely celebrate at all. ❤


But first, we boldly give sadness a place to sit next to us and we talk about its presence with each other and with God.



the fourth poem in our fall collection, Ourselves and the Leaves.

Let the sad stuff be sad.❤

You can be full of life, hope, and joy without forcing yourself into a state of happiness. Part of my grieving process is sharing my thoughts & emotions with God. Simply saying, “God, this is hard” makes all the difference.

Words for Women

The Surprising Habit of Pain

Pain has a surprising habit of crushing our hearts gloriously nearer to God Himself. And it is God who can take the impossible--especially the impossible!–and transform it into beauty while pressing His love and goodness deep into our chasm of heartache.

But we turn to despair so fast.

Surely pain is here because we are not good enough yet. Surely pain is here because God wants suffering for us. Surely pain is here because God is withholding His goodness from us, and we don’t know why.

Everything about these thoughts is incredibly wrong, and yet so easy to fall prey to. We grab hold of our pain and shape it against God and if it doesn’t quite fit our outline of Him, we take it back and yell at God WHY and believe His goodness is dependent on our definition of good.

But God never fits into our definition, and if He did? Well, we’d be scared out of our minds. We wouldn’t want to serve a God who could easily fit into our narrow-minded ideas. Continue reading “The Surprising Habit of Pain”