Even the Brightest Flower

what happens when you get thrown into nothing? spread out arms wide to no one? people move on, but not you. . . expanse of heartache, a cliff for a timeline, free fall of lost things, you by a thread. so, walk to the edge! but go down softly with hope, without breaking your bones.… Continue reading Even the Brightest Flower

This Is My Most Important Work

Garden Lullaby, July 8, 2019 If you look at this photo long enough, its super creepy. But bear with me! I love the process of gardening. It's good to work the soil, to move earth around, to listen to the birds while preparing for something new. I love this work. It may seem small or… Continue reading This Is My Most Important Work

Ask Yourself This Revolutionary Question

Garden Lullaby, June 28, 2019 Summers in the Porch Garden are magical. I've found a new spot to sit in my garden cushioned by two outside pillows. The afternoon sun hits the garden leaves just right and I'm suddenly invited to a quiet, beautiful world. To anyone else, it looks small and unexciting, but it… Continue reading Ask Yourself This Revolutionary Question