Garden Lullaby

Crazy Bloom

Garden Lullaby, February 15, 2019

I ran out of the house and yelled to Ben, “It’s picking the craziest time to bloom!!”

The last 2 weeks have been off-and-on stormy here in Northern CA. Sheets of rain came down yesterday, and big ole short-lasting snowflakes came today AND YET this crazy, cold, and stormy season is also the right season for this particular bud to bloom.

It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but there it is. A flower. Beautiful. Strong. Not of my own doing. I love that we don’t get to choose when flowers bloom. We just get to water, wait, watch, and see. There’s a lesson in that. I don’t get to choose the conditions in which I’ll bloom, but I do get to bloom in crazy conditions and all I can possibly say through the snow, hail, and sleet is GOD DID THIS BEAUTIFUL THING DESPITE THE HARD. SEE!

And though we’re in the crazy snow, hail, and sleet, you won’t even have to squint to see.

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Garden Lullaby

Waking Up at 23

Garden Lullaby, January 7, 2019

Maybe the best picture of 23.

It was the first official day of our Porch Garden (can ya tell by my face) & one of the first photos to document my true & full decision to EMBRACE life just as it was right where I stood.

I watched life burst from that corner as my soul followed suit. God gave me so much more this year than I could have imagined…opportunities to speak, counsel, publish a book, and host festive parties (with a full heart). The year 23 was bigger than I dreamed. And yes, it was hard & different…but it was also an honest delight for my soul…a waking up to life again.

Turns out that corners can turn into Porch Gardens and restless laments into bursting songs.

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Garden Lullaby

Wintry, Bitter Seasons

Garden Lullaby, January 4, 2019

First thought: My little January overachiever.

Second thought: Resilient with life!

Third thought: Life with God means springtime can happen IN JANUARY!

Anticipate God. He works deep in your wintry, bitter seasons and pops up daisies through the cracked concrete of your heart. It will be beautiful. It will be unexpected. It will be exactly the good He has planned for your life & His glory.

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Garden Lullaby

This Is Life

Garden Lullaby, December 26, 2018

After our lovely Christmas morning, I took a walk to pick all sorts of fresh greenery to fill our home. The greenery was to celebrate the birth of Jesus, of Hope, of everlasting LIFE! I avoided all the noisy places where I get lost. And in the process, I could truly hear & give thanks to the God who names me FOUND. Yesterday was sacred.

I’ve been in John 10, and I love these words, “I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.” I have tasted this and known it! Songs of heaven & hope filled our home while my vases outpoured with life. I celebrated Christmas in the best way I knew how and my soul soaked it all in! @grayhavensmusic says it well,

This my soul you were born

You were born into

What this man has done

It all extends to you

Let the words shake on down along your spine

And ring out true that you might find new life.

I’ve never known a richer Christmas. I’ve never been so full of joy on December 26th. THIS is life with God!

Garden Lullaby will return January 10, 2022!

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Looking forward to 2022 on the blog. Merry Christmas & a Hopeful New Year.