To Bloom in Winter

The January Garden // 2023 Truth be told I have not spent very much of January in the garden. I've caught snippets of sunshine, taken snapshots here and there, but I've been indoors most of all. Cat is either not too thrilled with winter or telling me to put the phone down already and pet… Continue reading To Bloom in Winter

I Got My Life Back & The December Garden

Perhaps it's because I gave up Instagram in July. Or maybe it's because I'm not in a waiting season or a painful one right now. Maybe it has to do with my cultivating and nurturing celebrations all throughout the year, but the truth is I've never felt more calm about the New Year. I almost… Continue reading I Got My Life Back & The December Garden

Magic of California Autumn // The September Garden

It's eating fresh-picked, late-summer blackberries on the first day it feels like autumn is in the air. It's how you are soaking in the last vestiges of summer but enraptured by every gust of wind making a leaf flurry center stage. And you just there in the front seat. It's the first day you're outside… Continue reading Magic of California Autumn // The September Garden

24 Was a Quiet Year

Garden Lullaby, January 6, 2020 24 was a year for tending and settling. I loved it. I tended the responsibilities already around me, learned how to nurture my life, and celebrated my quiet, hidden season. I settled into my new hobbies and pastimes. I became a gardener like never before. I spent hours with our… Continue reading 24 Was a Quiet Year