Garden Lullaby

Hallelujah, His Light!

Garden Lullaby, September 27, 2019

Simply magical!

One of my favorite quotes from Monty Don goes something like this, “Gardens are about people not plants.” OH HOW TRUE!

Cultivating these corner gardens has been one of the most important things I’ve ever done (quite possibly more valuable than publishing a book). It’s a special thing to tend + nurture a garden that only God can truly grow.

I have evidence of God’s creativity and His love for life and beauty on my front porch and by my house steps and in my front yard (and honestly the evidence is everywhere. . .including in you & me. Hallelujah His light is more powerful than the darkness that persists!) 

HOW INCREDIBLE to be a part of God’s work in this way! What a delight, what purpose, what joy!

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Garden Lullaby

I Am Living Proof

Garden Lullaby, May 31, 2019

Me and Little (BIG) Mav on the eve before he turned one week old.😂

During our kidding season, I realized what a gift God has handed to me these last few years. These years have looked + felt so opposite of what I imagined for myself.

But here I am. 💛 Discovering all the delights + joys God has placed in my heart that have spent so long buried beneath chronic pain and my own expectations.

Pain has done the breaking and God has done the healing. . .all the healing I’d ignored before because I assumed I didn’t really need it. But pain teaches me I do need healing. I do need God. I do need expectations wiped out and dreams misplaced, because the discomfort leads me to a better understanding of my real, vibrant, well-loved life from God! Hard & unlikely seasons cannot prevent the good and perfect gifts from God.

I’m living proof!

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Garden Lullaby

Crucial to Life

Garden Lullaby, May 28, 2019

Wildflowers before they’re cut and made ready for a vase.

There must be a hundred poetic & symbolic things to say about that! It’s beauty in its truest form! The roots are the greatest part of any wildflower, but they’re hidden away and they will rarely ever see the light of day. But they make the blooms alive, give them the foundation to reach toward the sunshine, splatter my walk with the joy of spring.

And I’m learning that being hidden is crucial to life, to living.

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Garden Lullaby

I Am Not a Mom, But I Am a Part of God’s Work

Garden Lullaby, May 24, 2019

Psalm 104.

I love this passage all about how God cares for the nature & the animals He brings to life + sustains. It’s such a beautiful part of God’s character!💛 I love being a part of His work both with flowers and these hilariously affectionate goats.

It’s rarely talked about, but I love that we reflect God’s image when we nurture the animal & plant life He’s created all around us. God not only gives us the responsibility to be part of His creation-work, but He DESIRES us to be a part of this work (wow, wow, wow!). So there we were welcoming one stalky buckling in the field on May 22nd. We named him Maverick or as we like to say, Little Mav.

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