Where to Find Spring Whispering

The February Garden - 2023 Near the end of the month I woke up to birds chirping. This must be the sweetest sound to hear after the height of winter and in February no less. The birdsong is sweet and felt in the soul. garden journal set to Page 2023💖 Spring is coming. It whispers… Continue reading Where to Find Spring Whispering

Magic of California Autumn // The September Garden

It's eating fresh-picked, late-summer blackberries on the first day it feels like autumn is in the air. It's how you are soaking in the last vestiges of summer but enraptured by every gust of wind making a leaf flurry center stage. And you just there in the front seat. It's the first day you're outside… Continue reading Magic of California Autumn // The September Garden

Hallelujah, His Light!

Garden Lullaby, September 27, 2019 Simply magical! One of my favorite quotes from Monty Don goes something like this, "Gardens are about people not plants." OH HOW TRUE! Cultivating these corner gardens has been one of the most important things I've ever done (quite possibly more valuable than publishing a book). It's a special thing… Continue reading Hallelujah, His Light!