I Got My Life Back & The December Garden

Perhaps it's because I gave up Instagram in July. Or maybe it's because I'm not in a waiting season or a painful one right now. Maybe it has to do with my cultivating and nurturing celebrations all throughout the year, but the truth is I've never felt more calm about the New Year. I almost… Continue reading I Got My Life Back & The December Garden

Old Winter Prayer, God’s Blessing & the November Garden

November came with the bursting of my son's flower. It was gifted to us when friends found out we were pregnant with our boy. It then had quite the story in the ground then trampled, then in a Lowe's paint bucket where it recovered, and then in the ground again where it has bloomed to… Continue reading Old Winter Prayer, God’s Blessing & the November Garden

6 Months Postpartum, Awkward Armfuls & the October Garden

I sat in the garden a few weeks postpartum and felt the breeze. Holding my daughter close to my chest wrapped warm in her colorful quilt. My son played. I smiled. Even laughed. There was a lifting here. Happiness I could feel. The early postpartum fog rose half an inch. mere days postpartum, her birth… Continue reading 6 Months Postpartum, Awkward Armfuls & the October Garden

Those May Marigolds

Garden Lullaby, July 20, 2018 Honestly? Of all the flowers we bought that May weekend, these marigolds were my least favorite. They were a bit beat up. They were kinda just hanging on. They weren't that pretty. I was okay with getting them because they seemed like a neutral flower that would compliment the rest… Continue reading Those May Marigolds