Garden Lullaby

Miss Margie & The Rose Bush

Garden Lullaby, March 13, 2020

There’s a story behind this little rose bush!

About a month ago, we were letting our goats graze. We had protected our roses since they are a delectable treat for goats. Well, we didn’t take severe enough measure because I looked out the window and lo and behold! Miss Margie was sitting ON TOP of where my little rose bush had been! I was mad! (And it was also kinda funny, but I was mad) She just kerplunked herself down as conqueror and queen of my poor, annihilated bush! The tiny root was just a couple inches (at most) above the ground. It really looked like the end…but it wasn’t. IT WASN’T! And this is my rose bush today…healthier and happier than ever. I’ve never ever seen it look so good!

Lesson 1: Something can FEEL like the end and not BE the end. That doesn’t mean we ignore the uncomfortable + painful process, but we do work through it. We trust God. We wait. We anticipate. We grow or we let go. God will always show us which of these to do.

Lesson 2: Miss Margie may be a better gardener than I am.

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Garden Lullaby

Freeze the Wonder of It

Garden Lullaby, February 3, 2020

Capture beauty right when you see it!

Don’t wait!

I took a few snaps of these flowers on our way out the door this Sunday. We had a few spring-like days and I soaked up the sunshine and reveled in the spring sounds.

But last night brought frost and most of today has been very cold so these stunners are completely wilted, having bent to the whims of the weather. But I didn’t miss my chance to exclaim HOW BEAUTIFUL and to freeze the wonder of it.Β 

You can’t dictate when life is going to change. But you can fully sit in the beautiful moment you’ve got. You can take two minutes to pause and enjoy.

In God, you are always safe to rejoice even when a night of frost is right around the corner.

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Garden Lullaby

Life Is in the Forecast

Garden Lullaby, January 9, 2020

The beauty of January is how it surprises us with stunning corners of hope.

And these lonesome blooms are a banner for all the MORE that is to come. What a powerful job to be a beacon of hope.

Abundant life is in the forecast.

Garden Lullaby, January 15, 2020

Many of you already know and have been celebrating with us! My husband and I will welcome our firstborn come July. 

It’s been a wild ride since the holiday season and I’m still stunned even now. If you’ve read my Monday emails over the last couple years you know the ins and outs of this. What kindness + healing God continues to bestow!

How fitting to take this photo next to our January flower that’s marvelously beginning to bloom through the cold & drab dreariness.

Nothing is impossible for God.

Here we see more living proof.

How grateful I am that God remains with me through every burst of life, every moment of healing, every second of grief, every new adventure I know next to nothing about. I have been overwhelmed but I am learning to rest and to receive and to rejoice.

I am safe with God.

this pregnancy announcement was made in January 2020 and we are now awaiting our second child due in a few weeks. I wrote a collection of poetry, Girl with Good Bones (FREE for you to download!) about the process of learning to live again after so much grief, how joy feels dangerous, but ultimately, God is with us and we can let the flowers grow without fear of them choking us. It’s been and is a long lesson I’m learning, road I’m on.

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Garden Lullaby

When It Doesn’t Feel Safe

Garden Lullaby, December 17, 2019

It’s so easy to subconsciously believe God is a thief. I find myself holding His good gifts with my eyes closed. Like WHEN ARE YOU GONNA TAKE THIS FROM ME, God?! But what I’ve BEGUN learning this year (from a goat no less!) is that when God gives me a gift that’s part of our love story forever.

The extraordinarily detailed gift of this little Roxy-girl will ALWAYS be in my history. No matter what happens in the future (a bad sickness, an accident, or her death), she will STILL always be a good gift I received from God. That’s a fact.

So how many good gifts are we too afraid to name? To acknowledge? To hold?Β  Are we closing our eyes with shaky hands afraid to receive? To rejoice?

Oh, how I am learning it is always safe to receive from God, and I can rejoice even when it doesn’t feel safe to do so.

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