Miss Margie & The Rose Bush

Garden Lullaby, March 13, 2020 There's a story behind this little rose bush! About a month ago, we were letting our goats graze. We had protected our roses since they are a delectable treat for goats. Well, we didn't take severe enough measure because I looked out the window and lo and behold! Miss Margie… Continue reading Miss Margie & The Rose Bush

Life Is in the Forecast

Garden Lullaby, January 9, 2020 The beauty of January is how it surprises us with stunning corners of hope. And these lonesome blooms are a banner for all the MORE that is to come. What a powerful job to be a beacon of hope. Abundant life is in the forecast. Garden Lullaby, January 15, 2020… Continue reading Life Is in the Forecast

When It Doesn’t Feel Safe

Garden Lullaby, December 17, 2019 It's so easy to subconsciously believe God is a thief. I find myself holding His good gifts with my eyes closed. Like WHEN ARE YOU GONNA TAKE THIS FROM ME, God?! But what I've BEGUN learning this year (from a goat no less!) is that when God gives me a… Continue reading When It Doesn’t Feel Safe