Life Is in the Forecast

Garden Lullaby, January 9, 2020 The beauty of January is how it surprises us with stunning corners of hope. And these lonesome blooms are a banner for all the MORE that is to come. What a powerful job to be a beacon of hope. Abundant life is in the forecast. Garden Lullaby, January 15, 2020… Continue reading Life Is in the Forecast

24 Was a Quiet Year

Garden Lullaby, January 6, 2020 24 was a year for tending and settling. I loved it. I tended the responsibilities already around me, learned how to nurture my life, and celebrated my quiet, hidden season. I settled into my new hobbies and pastimes. I became a gardener like never before. I spent hours with our… Continue reading 24 Was a Quiet Year

Please Don’t Scratch the Paint Off My Door

This is my first short story in several years. I'm excited to walk back into the short story world and share this with you. (And more to come!) I hope this piece drives the point home in a light-hearted but profound way. We can change the narrative. I knock on her door. Freshly painted, freshly… Continue reading Please Don’t Scratch the Paint Off My Door

Anticipation & Preparation

Garden Lullaby, May 22, 2018 I walked outside to my porch garden this morning to see a geranium beginning to bloom.I love it! LOOK how pretty it is as the gentle life is daring to see the light of day! There is a snapdragon in the same flower pot as the geranium, but the snapdragon… Continue reading Anticipation & Preparation