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May | A Personal Journey through 2019

I’m so behind in sharing my month-by-month calendar for 2019. Tracking the small, good, lovely things has made such a difference in how I approach life at the end of the day. When you’re worn out, exhausted, or struggling. . .it’s so easy to look back on a day and say, “Oh, there goes another one. Same hard, tiring life.” But when you begin searching for the good things, soon you will be able to see without searching so hard! Your heart will slowly begin bending toward happiness and thanksgiving. It’s not perfect. It’s not giddy. But it is profound.

I’ll admit, writing day by day in 2020 has been hit or miss. I usually miss a handful of days and then have to backtrack and remember, but I still take the time to write life down! The best part is the calendar doesn’t have to read pretty to be absolutely beautiful. That’s what I love about this exercise! I’m tracking life. I’m going notice the little lovely things. I’m going to remember it, good or hard.

So, here’s May 2019.

01: Party Bird still partying πŸ˜€ baby goats climbing all over our laps ❀

02: iced coffee with goats milk. . .good πŸ™‚

03: Pizza Date and best baby goat bottle feed yet. . .:)

04: beautiful day! goats, flowers, cleaning, Ben ❀

05: Chester (baby boy goat) just LOVES jumping in my arms πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€

06: good talk with Dad. . .and then a podcast happened πŸ˜€

07: love the passion + work + season God has given me

08: Chester is the most cuddly goat ever!

09: Oh Chester-Win πŸ™‚ | E makes me laugh | new flowers from Ben<3

10: i love Ben. . .he makes work + life so much better

11: porch garden, rest, podcast, and the Psalms

12: a wonderful text from C

13: a day full of life and friends

14: a very sweet note from E

15: terrible sick day, but Ben brought the most beautiful wildflower bouquet to me. . .+ Chester πŸ™‚

16: L’s party ❀

17: VACAY! Psalm 131


19: 1st snapdragon is blooming & so pretty!

20: a little bit of sunshine πŸ™‚

21: Rest

22: Little (BIG) Mav born in field!

23: 4th Anniversary ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀

24: exploring with Little Mav

25: C + M + C πŸ™‚ ❀

26: the comfort of Ben being my family

27: God’s grace!

28: 1st day with J! such deep & good talks already

29: making C smile a LOT

30: evening with C + M πŸ™‚

31: C LOVED the goat kids. . .and the grass πŸ˜€

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The Celebrating Soul

April | A Personal Journey through 2019

There are some new faces around here so I want to explain a bit about this year-long series. I decided this would be the year I taught + showed the value of writing life down. In 2016, I began intermittently writing a simple sentence on the calendar about my day. In 2017, it became more of a steady habit which would slowly develop into a lifeline for seeing good things. By 2020, it has become an important life rhythm. I’m honest about my tough days, but more often than not I’m consciously looking back on the day to find one lovely thing I want to remember and celebrate. Sometimes it’s as simple as the sound of leaves falling and other times it’s the miracle of a hoped-for & long-awaited pregnancy.

My favorite part of this life rhythm is reading through my calendar on New Year’s Day and recalling all the moments I’d forgotten, all the bits of life so important yet so easily buried beneath the noise, pain, and exhaustion.

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The Celebrating Soul

March | A Personal Journey Through 2019

Last March hit me like a freight train. It was chaos in my mind, a revisiting of mental warfare I knew too well and hated so much. But as the days progress, you can see the victory God gave me! God is ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS greater and more powerful!

In the last 13 years, I have battled seasons of severe anxiety and fear. I am not an expert on mental health and would never claim to be, but I can tell you meditating on the truth of God’s Word, realigning my mind to what is real, and understanding my new identity in Christ has been the way of freedom from any grip of my my spiraling darkness. And I have spiraled and I have felt hopeless, but God! As spring broke in, the light broke through my heart again. And while we lost our beloved goat near the end of March, life still prevailed.

And you’ll see so much of it in April & May!

01: let’s be honest. . .a rough start. . .

02: resting + making a list of things God has given. . .cultivating thanks

03. God giveth and giveth and giveth and giveth more grace ❀

04: legos with L + M & goats with the neighbors πŸ™‚ a tiny bit of sun

05: nothing recorded

06: ❀ 3 different, very specific gifts from God ❀

07: Ephesians 2 ❀

08: good laughter + bonding with D

09: manzanita blooms. . .touching the promise of spring. much needed

10: God turned around my whole weekend. He’s changing my life.

11: nothing recorded

12: progress on pantry. . .a better day πŸ™‚

13: beautiful day of sunshine

14: pantry done & chat with J

15: Psalm 119:9-39 ❀ ❀

16: dawn of victory

17: ❀ more victory + “birthday observation” shopping

18: Birthday Observation Day πŸ˜€

19: God will prevail. ❀

20: God did PREVAIL and He is & will continue to

21-22: C + family

23: search me and know me ❀

24: so much victory!

25: -more freedom & still listening, still fighting (for truth)

26: beautiful buttercups in the breeze + birds chirping

27: the sun came out to surprise us! ❀

28: I LOVE E’s prayers at snack and all she is thankful for. . . .

29: (billy goat dies suddenly, horribly) Nigel ❀ we sure loved ya

30: Margie starts to kid (which turned out to be Margie just getting visibly closer to kidding πŸ˜€ )

31: New life πŸ˜€

This post has been sitting in the draft section for awhile. . . just waiting for the end of March. I had no idea then that our world would look and feel so different, that March would hit us all like a freight train, that it would be uncharted territory, and that we would all face some kind of loss, uncertainty, or unknown. But here we are. It’s March. And it’s pretty ugly. Again.

But you know what?

This is not the end. God is greater. Life prevails. The hope of who God is permeates our every day and settles into our souls when all else feels unsettling. We are here. And we can be confident without embracing blind optimism. Let’s fight for truth. Let’s grieve with God. Let’s anticipate the good, glory-filled, wonderful things God will do. Let’s take refuge in His steadfast love and faithfulness. This is hope in action.

Happy April!

The Celebrating Soul

February | A Personal Journey Through 2019

This year, I’m taking you on a journey through my 2019 calendar to show you how simple it is to write one small thing about your life each day. This short exercise has helped me notice, savor, and celebrate my life.

What I love about my record for February 2019 is how much I wrote about nature. I don’t remember everything about that February, but I do remember it being dominated by life and it’s reflected on the calendar. Continue reading “February | A Personal Journey Through 2019”