24 Was a Quiet Year

Garden Lullaby, January 6, 2020

24 was a year for tending and settling. I loved it.

I tended the responsibilities already around me, learned how to nurture my life, and celebrated my quiet, hidden season. I settled into my new hobbies and pastimes. I became a gardener like never before. I spent hours with our baby goats. I weeded my rose bed to clear my head and enjoy the beauty of life. I breathed in stunning scents from the outdoors, stayed up late writing a novelette that mirrored my own life, picked the biggest bunch of summer wildflowers, and savored every burst of life or breeze that made it move.

What a quiet year for tending, settling, and celebrating. And in the quiet, small & big miracles were laid at my feet. I was invited to see them, be a part of them, thank God for them.

I’ve loved 24.

It’s been a birthday gift like no other. And I know God has stored 25 with life I can’t even believe. Here comes another birthday gift of a year.

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