I’ll Remember You For. . .

it was beautiful,
but unexpected.
and I’ll remember you for–

how the garden bent and broke,
then bloomed,
and how our small blue house
grew right where wildflowers
once were.

how life folded into gold
with wrinkles and stains,
with perfection and messes,
with our summer son turning one,
and our upcoming spring tapping
her baby feet on screen.

and how I crumpled up scared
running headlong into happiness,
but God! and His presence said,
You’re just as safe now
as you were back then.
Run! Run! Run!

so, I do.

and don’t they say,
“history repeats itself”?
and if all my life is always with God
I should know just my looking back
that I can run full speed ahead.

Happy New Year.
and by that I mean
I trust you, God.
Oh God, help me.
Yes, I will run!


photo credit: Hannah A. R. Stories

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