Garden Lullaby

Freeze the Wonder of It

Garden Lullaby, February 3, 2020

Capture beauty right when you see it!

Don’t wait!

I took a few snaps of these flowers on our way out the door this Sunday. We had a few spring-like days and I soaked up the sunshine and reveled in the spring sounds.

But last night brought frost and most of today has been very cold so these stunners are completely wilted, having bent to the whims of the weather. But I didn’t miss my chance to exclaim HOW BEAUTIFUL and to freeze the wonder of it. 

You can’t dictate when life is going to change. But you can fully sit in the beautiful moment you’ve got. You can take two minutes to pause and enjoy.

In God, you are always safe to rejoice even when a night of frost is right around the corner.

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