Toddler’s Dictionary of Spring

The May Garden, 2023 In April, the garden wakes up. But in May, the garden stretches its arms and legs and gets out of bed. In late May and all of June it will have gulped down it's first cup of coffee and be fully awake, but it takes a little while to pad down… Continue reading Toddler’s Dictionary of Spring

I Got My Life Back & The December Garden

Perhaps it's because I gave up Instagram in July. Or maybe it's because I'm not in a waiting season or a painful one right now. Maybe it has to do with my cultivating and nurturing celebrations all throughout the year, but the truth is I've never felt more calm about the New Year. I almost… Continue reading I Got My Life Back & The December Garden

My Word for 2018

Garden Lullaby, September 15, 2018 At the beginning , there were only a few of these. At the beginning, they took their sweet time opening up to the sun. At the beginning, I had no idea how much LIFE would multiply in just a few months. I had no idea they'd take over the porch… Continue reading My Word for 2018