Toddler’s Dictionary of Spring

The May Garden, 2023 In April, the garden wakes up. But in May, the garden stretches its arms and legs and gets out of bed. In late May and all of June it will have gulped down it's first cup of coffee and be fully awake, but it takes a little while to pad down… Continue reading Toddler’s Dictionary of Spring

Broken Machinery, Barren Womb, Old Woman

If you're feeling lost in these years. . .like an old woman in your early 20s, then this story is for you. I don't pretend that the way it happened for me is the way it will for you. But my history with God and the history I've witnessed in others proves to me there… Continue reading Broken Machinery, Barren Womb, Old Woman

The Tree (Part 1)

Part 1 of The Tree in our fall collection, Ourselves and the Leaves. Tomorrow, I post Part 2 which is also the final poem in this collection. We always ignore the actual bare bones of the tree come fall. But oh, it does beautiful work! How steady and strong its presence. It's the backbone of fall.… Continue reading The Tree (Part 1)

The Complexity of “Still”

Even with all the ugly stuff that's happened in my garden this summer (hello squirrels and bunnies), I still got a bouquet like this. I still have a wild grape vine climbing high to make a beautiful trellis. I still have sunflowers daring to bloom in the midst of destruction. I still pick┬áripe tomatoes from… Continue reading The Complexity of “Still”