Breathing Robots

It *doesn’t* have to be this way. And I actually think the year 2020 has shaken a lot of us awake in the ways that media has monopolized our lives and how *we* have let it do so.

But we can cultivate healthy habits instead, enjoy our life, live it whole & live it all, and then let social media be just a fun byproduct of our life.


And Me Too

Children say the most delightful things. And they remind us of what is good and going well. They teach us how to laugh at the smallest things and how to approach life ready to enjoy it.

I wonder what it would be like if the kids ran 2020?! Maybe chaotic, but certainly fun!

The Celebrating Soul

The Complexity of “Still”

Even with all the ugly stuff that’s happened in my garden this summer (hello squirrels and bunnies), I still got a bouquet like this.

I still have a wild grape vine climbing high to make a beautiful trellis. I still have sunflowers daring to bloom in the midst of destruction. I still pick ripe tomatoes from my bare, eaten-up tomato plant. I still have rose bushes that bloom and some that tenaciously keep growing to get established despite repeated setbacks. Still. What a complicated word.

“I’m still here. . .”

“I’m still walking through this. . .”

“I’m still afraid. . .”

But also!

“I’m still growing here.”

“I’m still healing in the midst of this.”

“I’m still braver than I was yesterday.”

This 2020 slapped-together garden born from quarantine is all sorts of messy, but it holds the complicated concept of Still. Which is all of us. Go ahead and take Monday by the horns.

Because you can.


Just You Wait

I despise the “just you waits” that crabby adults love to push down on any young person in a new season or on the brink of experiencing one of their life dreams. Graduating high school? JUST YOU WAIT till college. Getting engaged? JUST YOU WAIT, because marriage isn’t easy. Got married? JUST YOU WAIT until the honeymoon is over.

So, all I have to say to all those crabby adults is. . .JUST YOU WAIT!