Beautiful Things in the Quiet

Spring is a marvel. Over the last few years while living in the foothills I have watched spring burst, and I have slowly fallen for it. I realized about two springs ago I loved when the oak trees would burst into bright young green. It only lasts mere weeks (at most) and it's taken me… Continue reading Beautiful Things in the Quiet

The Dead Tree & Other Recollections of Life

It's hard to describe the crash, really. It didn't sound like splitting into a fall. It just sounded like a huge thing loudly falling into itself and onto the ground simultaneously. I'm standing in what used to be the goat pen while my son plays on its hillside. The goats have been sheltered on the… Continue reading The Dead Tree & Other Recollections of Life

Limping Wings// A Poem for Staying in Your Life

I had no idea I'd get a rose this big when my little garden began alongside my limping heart on Mother's Day 2018. It just took about four years to bloom this big, but less than that for me to lift my head and love the life I had. My encouragement to you is STAY.… Continue reading Limping Wings// A Poem for Staying in Your Life

Birth in Times Like These

They said it would betoo scary to bringa babyinto this kind ofworld. As if someone's birthdayshouldn't happenbecause we think onlyin nightmares. As if the weightof our worryis their realityforever. As if we are thepiratesof all peaceand goodness. As if God ran outof His beautyand powerand kindnessand lovethe momentwe grew upto give birth to the childrenwe… Continue reading Birth in Times Like These