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Encouragement for the Writer

By now, you totally get that chasing your dream is going to take work….a lot, a lot of work. As a young girl, you can dangle your feet off your bed and will your dreams to come true each time you kick a leg forward. It just takes a little bit of maturity to realize those dreams are going to take a lot more work.

Your passion for that dream hasn’t lessened, but you’re reality to get there has become clearer. I had one of those hard stretches last week. I just couldn’t pull all the things together. I hit a low place.

I knew I was going to keep working, improving, writing, and reaching…but man, oh man! Those blues hit me. This week, it’s still going pretty slow over here. But I’m not down about it. I can see the little bits of work, and I know they are adding up.

I also know I’m not the only one who feels this way—a thousand more people are writers just like me and are chasing their goals. This post is for all of us.


1. Your work, so far, has helped someone.

I can almost guarantee it. If you’ve put your work out there, no doubt someone has been affected by it. Someone has needed it. Don’t let the tangles of goal-reaching make you forget that yes, you’re work (while not where you want it yet) has helped someone.

2. Every time you write, your skill improves.

I don’t care if the post isn’t well-received by the masses, or that it only got shared 10x. I don’t care if it took you 1 hour to write or 2 days, every time you put pen to paper (or in our case, fingers to keys), your skill is improving. Feel those keys? How easily you fly across them? How much faster the words are coming to you? How much easier you can follow your ideas to the end? That’s your skill and it’s improving. Remember that! Continue reading “Encouragement for the Writer”