Unmet Expectations

Unmet Expectations

I didn’t know I

Grow to bloom
to be cut.

But I also
didn’t know-

I’d love how big she

When she looked at
all my petals. . .

The whole sun in her
one expression.

Or that I’d feel such

Held in the hands of
a gardener,

Gently transferred to
the water

To be seen on her
kitchen table.

Time slips away, or
does it really?

Didn’t it also give me
her smile?

A chance to be with
the gardener?

Grew, then bloomed,
was cut, then held.

I’ve been spent, and
I’ve been seen.

Lived with such great
light all along.

This is a vase,
not a coffin.




Okay, Girl with Good Bones

Poem 4

Below is the poem in the image and as plain text.

hearing the heart beat again
sounds like what does not
make noise,

being in the same place
but sitting up.
picking flowers
only in arm’s reach.
letting sky be gray,
and drops of rain and tears
stay on my skin.

the erratic thud, thud
falls between good and grief.
light pokes through
old wounds and thin skin

a fresh healing heart
feels harsh against
bones that never broke.

okay but not okay.

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