Flowers Teach a Thousand Things

I was sitting in my garden when I wrote the first draft of this poem. If May is turning out to be a hard month or if you feel left out of so many good things or if you’re feeling stuck in a never-ending season, this poem is for you. Flowers teach a thousand things, but the one thing they teach over and over and over again is hope.

They are living proof of hope lived out. You don’t have to feel happy in order to hope. You don’t need to rush out of long, hard seasons to experience beautiful things. Perhaps this poem is the perfect picture of your messy life.



Sometimes You Feel Like Winter When Everything Else Blooms

I am passionate about helping people relate to their pain in a way that heals. This means framing the sharp edges of heartache with beauty and light. It is important to be brutally honest both about pain and about hope. The more I write, the more I understand that we all want to see our pain on paper, because we all want to be seen. But we also want to see it gently and we want to be reminded of hope, joy, and healing. So, I’ve written a small poetry collection (which I’ll add to over time) all about spring.

Here’s the truth: I love springtime, but sometimes spring comes before your heart is ready for it. Sometimes you stare at the pretty buttercups, but feel so worn out. It’s so beautiful outside, but the inside of you just aches. Sometimes, you feel like winter when everything else blooms. Sometimes, you can’t stand life but it’s standing tall everywhere around you. So, these poems are for you whenever you find yourself in the sometimes.