This Is My Most Important Work

Garden Lullaby, July 8, 2019

If you look at this photo long enough, its super creepy. But bear with me!

I love the process of gardening. It’s good to work the soil, to move earth around, to listen to the birds while preparing for something new. I love this work. It may seem small or trivial to others, but it’s the work I’ve been given to do today. There’s other work too. . .like loving Ben, taking care of other people’s children, spending time with goat kids, and preparing myself and my material for speaking opportunities. This is good work and it’s the best work I can do today, because it’s the work I’m called to right now. I can glorify God by doing THIS work, by offering my all to Him.

There is no season, stage, or status necessary to live my best life, to offer my absolute all, to do important things.

It all starts NOW.

Don’t Miss Your Life, a poem

You’re Not Meant for a Box, a poem

Pain Is a Gateway. . .Not a Gift

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