When I Don’t Feel God’s Love

Garden Lullaby, July 15, 2019

Here comes Snapdragon Season.

These remind me of God’s faithfulness. . .of His better, fuller life designed for me. I’m learning to step into it. No holding back.

The best thing about prayer journaling, marking soul seasons with flowers, and emailing you every Monday is that I am forced to see God’s love for me even when I don’t feel it. I surround myself with these markers of God’s goodness and I find that history repeats itself.

As God’s child, that is a thrilling and comforting truth. His story is in me and so a history of good & perfect gifts goes on repeating itself even when I feel nothing at all. God is here. . .and I always see & feel again.

Snapdragons bring the good news of God’s goodness every time they bloom.

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