Ask Yourself This Revolutionary Question

Garden Lullaby, June 28, 2019

Summers in the Porch Garden are magical. I’ve found a new spot to sit in my garden cushioned by two outside pillows. The afternoon sun hits the garden leaves just right and I’m suddenly invited to a quiet, beautiful world.

To anyone else, it looks small and unexciting, but it thrills my soul. It causes me to ENJOY life as it is now, as God has made it. . . as He has given it. Hummingbirds and summer breezes and sunlit leaves. . .magical & intentionally given by God!

I’ve been asking myself the question, “How have I tasted (experienced) the goodness of God?” This question changes everything. It revolutionizes an ordinary moment. It causes gladness in my heart, because I am forced to acknowledge all I have ALREADY received from God! My reality may be hard, but it is not harsh because I am a forever recipient of God’s kindness and goodness. So ask yourself the revolutionary question–

How have I already tasted (experienced) the goodness of God?

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