The Reality of God

Garden Lullaby, June 7, 2019

Don’t be afraid of your burdens. They’re not going to get you, because you can give them over to God again and again and AGAIN. 👏

In God you will find all you need to endure, change, grow, rest, heal, and hope. You will live out the unlikely joy of this life from God.❤ You will step into this season unafraid and undeterred. You will see your burdens, but KNOW your God. You will not run away from your life, instead you will run to the God of your life! 🙌

You will believe that nothing comes to you without the reality of God being there too, and you will live like it!

Your Body Is Strong (To the Women Facing Infertility)

Fall Apart Loudly, poem

No Children, No Hesitation, poem

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