I Am Living Proof

Garden Lullaby, May 31, 2019

Me and Little (BIG) Mav on the eve before he turned one week old.😂

During our kidding season, I realized what a gift God has handed to me these last few years. These years have looked + felt so opposite of what I imagined for myself.

But here I am. 💛 Discovering all the delights + joys God has placed in my heart that have spent so long buried beneath chronic pain and my own expectations.

Pain has done the breaking and God has done the healing. . .all the healing I’d ignored before because I assumed I didn’t really need it. But pain teaches me I do need healing. I do need God. I do need expectations wiped out and dreams misplaced, because the discomfort leads me to a better understanding of my real, vibrant, well-loved life from God! Hard & unlikely seasons cannot prevent the good and perfect gifts from God.

I’m living proof!

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