Garden Lullaby

Disappointed in Expectations, But Not in God

Garden Lullaby, May 1, 2019

This is an extraordinarily bright photo, but these are the flowers I see from my kitchen window every morning now that it’s late spring (our blue home is in the background). I can’t get enough of this hillside!

Ask me my favorite season and I’ll say Wildflower Season, hands down! Wildflowers are brilliant, small, beautiful, and surprising. They exceed my expectations and they become a reminder that unmet expectations can be the best possible place for wild, surprising beauty. . .that joy bursts from the surface of nothing. . .that full life is birthed from all that seems impossible to us! Believe God. He will not disappoint you. 

You will FOR SURE face disappointment from your own expectations but God will not disappoint you as He pulls away your plans and exceeds your expectations with His goodness and beauty the wildflower way.

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Garden Lullaby

Winter and Spring Collide

Garden Lullaby, March 26, 2019

When winter and spring collide!

These buttercups are starting the Great Bloom of 2019 and I’M HERE FOR IT. I love the contrast between the bare winter trees and the new spring blooms. Winter saying, “I’ve done my job.” And spring saying, “I’m here to do mine.”

We can be sure that with God there is no season wasted and no spiritual state for us to be permanently stuck in. We can also be sure that joy + grief can live close together, bumping into one another without apology. Spring comes in gradually and does not force the winter out. Likewise, our spring & winter go forward, making room for one another, forcing us to see the value of both and more importantly the great power, love, and comfort of our Creator. 

Spring, we welcome you.

God, we’re ready for whatever You’re about to do right here. Winter trees and all!

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Garden Lullaby

Crazy Bloom

Garden Lullaby, February 15, 2019

I ran out of the house and yelled to Ben, “It’s picking the craziest time to bloom!!”

The last 2 weeks have been off-and-on stormy here in Northern CA. Sheets of rain came down yesterday, and big ole short-lasting snowflakes came today AND YET this crazy, cold, and stormy season is also the right season for this particular bud to bloom.

It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but there it is. A flower. Beautiful. Strong. Not of my own doing. I love that we don’t get to choose when flowers bloom. We just get to water, wait, watch, and see. There’s a lesson in that. I don’t get to choose the conditions in which I’ll bloom, but I do get to bloom in crazy conditions and all I can possibly say through the snow, hail, and sleet is GOD DID THIS BEAUTIFUL THING DESPITE THE HARD. SEE!

And though we’re in the crazy snow, hail, and sleet, you won’t even have to squint to see.

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Garden Lullaby

Waking Up at 23

Garden Lullaby, January 7, 2019

Maybe the best picture of 23.

It was the first official day of our Porch Garden (can ya tell by my face) & one of the first photos to document my true & full decision to EMBRACE life just as it was right where I stood.

I watched life burst from that corner as my soul followed suit. God gave me so much more this year than I could have imagined…opportunities to speak, counsel, publish a book, and host festive parties (with a full heart). The year 23 was bigger than I dreamed. And yes, it was hard & different…but it was also an honest delight for my soul…a waking up to life again.

Turns out that corners can turn into Porch Gardens and restless laments into bursting songs.

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