Garden Lullaby

Disappointed in Expectations, But Not in God

Garden Lullaby, May 1, 2019

This is an extraordinarily bright photo, but these are the flowers I see from my kitchen window every morning now that it’s late spring (our blue home is in the background). I can’t get enough of this hillside!

Ask me my favorite season and I’ll say Wildflower Season, hands down! Wildflowers are brilliant, small, beautiful, and surprising. They exceed my expectations and they become a reminder that unmet expectations can be the best possible place for wild, surprising beauty. . .that joy bursts from the surface of nothing. . .that full life is birthed from all that seems impossible to us! Believe God. He will not disappoint you. 

You will FOR SURE face disappointment from your own expectations but God will not disappoint you as He pulls away your plans and exceeds your expectations with His goodness and beauty the wildflower way.

Fall Apart Loudly, poem

Sometimes the Grass IS Greener, poem

A Little About Me

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