Meet Sierra

Hi from northern California!

I live in a little blue house with my husband, our dog, and a few backyard goats. I’m passionate about helping women embrace life wherever they are as I encourage them to live freely and fully in God. I wrote a book, A Pygmy’s Life for Me, which will be published November 2018. It chronicles the childhood and adolescence of a good girl who finally discovers her freedom in God. It’s full of humor, hope, and victory, and I can’t wait to share it with you! In the meantime, I keep track of life and joy and grace right here down Cottonwood Lane.


You can expect words and stories that you have felt, but been unable to say. You can expect encouragement to pursue God and live fully & FREELY within the story He has given you. You can expect truth-filled words for your hard and broken seasons. You can expect joy-filled words for real life, and honest words as I share my womanhood with you.

I hope to meet you right here, wherever you are, either so we can rejoice in God together or grieve together in prayer. I want to make a place for women to stand hand-in-hand, eyes heavenward in anticipation, even as we live freely and fully right here.

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