Hi from northern California! I live in a little blue house with my husband, our dog, and a few backyard goats. I’m passionate about helping women embrace life wherever they are as I encourage them to live freely and fully in God. I wrote A Pygmy’s Life for Me following the childhood and adolescence of a “good” girl who finally discovers her freedom in God. A Pygmy’s Life for Me is full of humor and hope and is written for anyone feeling small, misunderstood, or isolated.

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I write about real life & real hope down Cottonwood Lane. I talk about pain, grief, unmet expectations, healing, faith, new dreams, and my soul that’s learning to celebrate in God. I am continuously surprised by life and the joy that keeps interrupting all my hard things.

I equip women with tools to find + embrace their 100% life and live out true joy. Let me help you relearn just how unstuck you are. Although seasons come and go (or never come at all), you can go forward confidently because your purpose remains unbroken in Christ. And life with God is life itself. Cottonwood Lane is here to help you embrace your life from God while encouraging you to live this life for God. Grab your FREE devotional, check out our podcast, and get started on your 100% life!