Hi from northern California! I live in a little blue house with my husband, our dog, and a few backyard goats.


I’m here to help you embrace + celebrate your 100% life. I wrote A Pygmy’s Life for Me following the childhood and adolescence of my own life as a “good” girl who finally discovers her freedom in God. A Pygmy’s Life for Me is full of humor and hope and is written for anyone feeling small, misunderstood, or isolated.

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I’m a story-teller and a gardener and both these things find there way down Cottonwood Lane often! I write about pain, grief, unmet expectations, healing, faith, new dreams, and my soul that’s learning to celebrate in God. I am continuously surprised by life and the joy that always seems to interrupt the pain.

May this blog be a place you see just how unstuck you are in your own life however it looks right here, right now. Although seasons come and go (or never come at all), weΒ can both go forward confidently because our purpose remains detailed, significant, and unbroken in Christ. Life with God is life itself.

Many blog posts + other life chats make their way on our podcast, Joy Right Here, so we got you covered if audio is more your thing. Joy Right Here can be found on Apple, Spotify, Stitcher, Google Podcasts, and many more!