Meet Sierra

Helloooooo from northern California! I live in a bright blue house surrounded by my family, our dog, a flower garden–Green Fables, a few backyard goats, chickens, and our beloved cat named Cat and more formally dubbed Bagheera.

I’ve been blogging for YEARS, so you can read a lot of my life on this blog if you so wish (and I wish you luck should you go that route, hehee).

But these days, I stick to creating + sharing poetry alongside personal prose. After years of floundering, I’ve found the thing I loved. . .which is a love, of course, that began when I was a child. Poetry is so personal to the poet, but so personally applicable to every reader. And that’s just one of the reasons I love it. It’s the music of writing.

I’ve published two books, Hope Gives a Eulogy and A Pygmy’s Life for Me. Both of which are personal pieces wildly different in presentation, but so relatable to women in a many different seasons. Curious about my written work? I have a FREE download for you! Girl with Good Bones is a profound collection of poems telling the story of a woman who is learning to live again after grief left her a skeleton. Combining my love for poetry, gardening, and expressing vulnerable and personal emotions, Girl with Good Bones brings to light the complexity of joy, grief, and pain within the resolve to live. Get your free download.

While I’m a poet and love to make art in this way, I’m also a wife, mom, and gardener. I’m in love with all of it! And my art is all of those things. So, that’s what I like to share. . .the art I am living. And it shows up in so many different ways. Like my poetry, personal prose, the garden I never knew I’d love, my womanhood in Christ, and the motherhood I enjoy so much.

Welcome, welcome! Here’s to the art of living! And the stories that bring us closer together if only we tell them.