Meet Sierra

Helloooooo from northern California! I live in a bright blue house with my family, our dog, a few backyard goats (well, they live outside), chickens, and a rooster whom we fondly refer to as Prince Humperdinc (and all of them also live very much outside with a little house of their own, ha!).

I’ve been blogging for YEARS, so you can read a lot of my life on this blog if you so wish.

(and I wish you luck, hehee).

But these days, I stick to creating + sharing poetry. After years of floundering, I’ve found the thing I loved. . .which is a love, of course, that began when I was a child. Poetry is so personal to the poet, but so personally applicable to every reader. And that’s just one of the reasons I love it. It’s the music of writing.

I’m a podcast host of the very laid-back and quite seasonal show, Joy Right Here. Over there, I share more about my journey back to poetry, the laughter-filled birth story of my son, and the garden I love so dearly. You’ll find a happy splattering of topics, but the podcast will remain a summary of life shared as though we are sitting on my front porch.

I’m a poet and love to make art in this way, but I’m also a wife, mom, and gardener. My art is all of those things. So, that’s what I like to share. . .the art I am living. And it shows up in so many different ways. Like my poetry, a laid-back podcast, the garden I never knew I’d love, my womanhood in Christ, and the motherhood I enjoy so much.

Welcome, welcome! Here’s to the art of living!