Meet Sierra

Helloooooo from northern California! I live in a little blue house with my husband, our dog, and a few backyard goats (life hack: own goats. . .they make life better and they keep you laughing!).

I’m a story-teller, poet, and gardener, and these pieces of me find their way on the blog often! But you know what ties it all together? I’m also a cheerleader. FOR YOU. Minus the pom-poms (!!). I’m passionate about helping you fully live within + celebrate your own life! I share the good stuff of life & show you beauty and hope through poetry, personal reflections, and practical how-to’s.

If you’re more of an audio gal (confession: I don’t actually say “gal” in real life! HA!), I’ve got you! Many blog posts + most practical life chats make their way on our podcast, Joy Right Here. which can be found on Apple, Spotify, Stitcher, Google Podcasts, and many more!

In 2018, I published A Pygmy’s Life for Me based on the childhood and adolescence of my own life as a “good” girl who finally discovers her freedom in God.

A Pygmy’s Life for Me is full of humor and hope and is written for anyone feeling small, misunderstood, or isolated. If that sounds like you, read more about the book here.

So there you have it! That’s a lot of things, but the main thing to remember is I’m cheering for you. And this blog is less about me and more about both of us to sitting together, noticing our everyday, and celebrating our life from God.