Roots, Wings, and Hundred Tiny Moments

Garden Lullaby, May 19, 2019

I love this picture of my husband and our goats.

I think they were only a couple days old here. I’m surprised by this season in the best possible way. It’s been a spiritually healing and sanctifying few years. . .only now can I sit and write an Instagram caption about the joy of being right here.

My heart has grown roots and wings so that I burrow deep and hidden, but fly high with arms open wide. Only God can change everything while so much of everything doesn’t change at all.❤ The power + presence of God gets the final say. And His abundant kindness & gentleness pours through with unnecessary but perfectly timed gifts. . .like baby goats in April and a hundred tiny moments that have no power to devastate me anymore.

About this Garden Lullaby series

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