This Is Life a Year Later

I love the month of May! It used to only signify the end of a  school year (AWESOME!), but now it’s so much more! I graduated in May. My Mom’s birthday is in May (she won’t let us forget it!). I got married in May. We moved to Wolf Mountain in May and in just a week, my younger sister is going to be married in May.

May is like Christmastime for me! It’s so full of beautiful beginnings, hard-earned endings, and moments of remembrance. My heart just sings throughout this month, and I don’t want it to end. So, it’s a good thing we have a couple weeks left!

I wanted to sum up the life Ben and I have lived this last year. We have been through some easy times, and some very difficult ones. I have cried, laughed, and rejoiced this year and it has been a gift to live within it. 

Last Saturday marked one year since we moved to Wolf Mountain Christian Camp. We were excited and nervous to begin the camp journey again. 

Life has a tendency of moving quite FAST! We scrambled to settle in while also learning how to minister, be a family, and rest. We had times of feeling very overwhelmed, but who doesn’t in life? Life is busy and hard. Often, you simply have to stick to it! And in the sticking to it, you find beauty, joy, and the wild thought of being on an adventure you don’t want to leave!

Our first holidays spent at our home were so good! Although, we did have the quite unexpected Christmas Eve police car adventure! I may never look at Christmas lights again. HA! As the months passed, we kept improving our home, becoming closer in our marriage, and learning how to serve with our whole hearts. 

The beautiful  springtime came, but I was pushed to discouragement and my heart was sad. However, our God is a God of HOPE. Full, abundant life was waiting for me…as it always was and will be forevermore. The spring grew new and beautiful, and so did my heart.

Oh, and you see that last picture? It’s a drawing from my niece & it’s a snowman leaving drips of hot chocolate for the polar bears! I loved it so much that I knew it needed a frame! Thus began our wall of art from the kiddos in our lives. We will be hanging the artwork halfway down the wall so that kids can truly enjoy it.

With the spring in full swing, Ben has been hard at work on our yard! You’ll have to ignore that we haven’t weeded in awhile, but just look at all my husband has done! 

He’s made a fun pen for the dog complete with a real door, set up our outside table, and strung some white lights above them. The ladder is still there, because we aren’t quite done. We still have a fun candle chandelier to hang above the table.  I have learned to 100% trust Ben when it comes to creating and decorating. When I think it’s impossible, Ben goes on ahead and proves me wrong! Now, I just say, “I trust you! Go for it! Everything you’ve done is good!” Marriage, right? You just grow a ton.

And so here we are a year later, enjoying ourselves, learning tons & tons, celebrating life as it comes, and taking in everything around us. 

In this moment, life couldn’t get any better. I couldn’t wish for anything more, because I have learned that I need to live now right now. How could I not? God hasn’t withheld His best from me and though there are tears and trials, the road always leads me closer to Him. Here I  have found joy, and sometimes a kind of life laughter that cannot be suppressed. 

This year was a good one and while it’s not quite our second anniversary, I couldn’t help but start our celebration now. And really, it’s never too early to celebrate this life and worship the God who’s given it!


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6 thoughts on “This Is Life a Year Later

    1. I’m glad you like it, Kelsee! It has been good to look back and exciting to look forward. There have been very hard moments this year, but my hope in God abounds all the more and ONLY by His grace. Life would be empty without Him! I hope you are well, friend. 😊

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